CFO for Rent

Feel Smart About Your Money

Learn the language of Money for your business

Why is Profit different from your Bank balance?

There's 9 differences - i walk you through step by step and give you the tools to apply this to your own business | tought by Rachel White

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Reading Financial Statements

If you own a company, or your thinking of setting one up, this will teach you what you're signing | tought by Rachel White

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Getting Paid Faster

Learn how to do this, what your options are, and how the technology can help you | tought by Rachel White

Meet your Course Characters


Web Agency Owner

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Health App Founder

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CBD Cafe Owner

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Works at the ATO

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Meet the Founder

Rachel White - CFO

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

I've been in financial services for 25+ years. i've also got a talent for making the complex simple. These courses mix both together.

Making better decisions starts with understanding what your advisors are telling you.

Finance has its own language. It is your business, undertanding the basic concepts whill help you get the best advice and make the right decisions for you.


Finance has a language of its own.

Understanding that language will mean you ask better questions

which is always the first step to better outcomes.